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Our radio programming provides local, national and international coverage. Tune in to The Metamorphosis Radio Show by going to every Tuesday 7:30p.m. -8:30p.m. EST  AReddQueen Radio every Saturday 2:00p.m.-3:00p.m. EST by going to or for radio on the go fet the Tunedin radio app and add WEBS Radio  for the best local coverage in Cleveland and abroad.




●●●To Book your Radio Show Interview for either The Metamorphosis Radio Show or AReddQueen Radio, book your interview here. Interview times on Tuesday on The Metamorphosis Radio Show are 7:45pm EST  whether you're an in studio guest or call in and 2:30pm EST on Saturdays on AReddQueen Radio.


Please call 216-772-6029 to obtain other pertinent information about  scheduling your radio interview including where to send your bio information and pictures.


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The Metamorphosis Radio Show w/host Anna Redding

The Metamorphosis Radio Show is a Multifaceted, Multicultural radio show heavily based in Music entertainment,  but not limited to it. You will hear Celebrity/Artists interviews and more. 



AReddQueen Radio w/host Anna Redding

AReddQueen Radio is a variety show heavily based in music entertainement (local, national and international artists), but also includes tv interviews, community issues, including live performances hosted by Anna Redding.



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