Aristist(s) Focus: Don Williams Sr. 01/29/17-02/04/17


Don Williams Sr. is truly one of the most authentic keyboardist of our time, a 21st century George Duke but with his own twist on modern day soul. His music is a diverse mix of many musical influences derived from personal relationships he has had over the years. "I've learned from my mistakes, enough to be able to put that feeling into my music. I would like to think that people will listen and relate to them a lot better." Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Don Williams began his career at the age of nine. While in elementary school Don taught himself to play the keyboards, violin, saxophone, flute, drums, and bass guitar. Don got his early inspiration from watching the pianist at church and the way she hypnotized the listeners. Don wanted to move people that same way. During 1973-1975 Don participated in local talent shows, winning several. In 1978 while in the military on the U.S.S. Saratoga CV - 60, Don's captain, Cpt. Flatley, discovered he played and named him part of his personal entertainment. The group was called Rainbow Bridge. Don was in this band for 3 years. Once out of the military in 1982 Don played with local acts, getting his chops back in order. During the summer of 1984 Don was asked to audition with a local group who he was told had a possible recording deal. Don made the audition and went home. One half hour later he received a phone call asking him to come back to the audition. It turned out the audition was for Dennis Edwards of the Legendary Temptations. In 1984 he toured with Dennis Edwards and became Musical Director and Road Manager after one year of a six year tour. Karizma was actually formed in 1989 by Don Williams Sr. while on Tour with Dennis Edwards of the Temptations. Though the group has changed since then, the energy stayed the same. All the members of Karizma are from Cleveland Ohio. Each member of the group has performed, opened up for, or Toured with a National Act. Karizma plays everything from R&B, Classic Rock,Jazz, Motown & Line Dance Music. Over the years Karizma has performed at such Venues like The Mon Ami Winery & Restaurant, House of Blues, Vintage Wine Festivals, Geauga Lake Park and many many more. I would be here all day trying to tell you where Karizma has played. No disrespect to all the clubs not mentioned. We appreciate you all. Karizma would like to thank each and everyone of you that have participated, listened & enjoyed our music. We will continue to strive hard at what we do. Though a Record Deal may be out of reach at this time, we still have the power to make you get up and dance. And thats a promise from KARIZMA ! See ya on the dance floor!!


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